How Can a Locksmith Open a Safe Without a Combination?

There are multiple ways in which a locksmith can open a safe for you if you lost or don’t know the lock combination. While television shows often show someone using a cutting torch to break into a safe, this is actually the worst method of accessing a locked safe, as the heat could damage valuable items inside. When you need a safe cracked, it’s best to not even attempt to do it yourself – call a professional locksmith who knows what he’s doing.

Retrieving the Manufacturer Combination

The simplest method for cracking a standard-size fire safe that has never had the factory combination changed is to simply call the manufacturer. The manufacturer will be able to tell the locksmith what the original factory combination was, and from there the safe can be opened.

Picking or Drilling the Lock

If the original combination has been changed, then the technician will likely need to drill a small hole on the side of the tumbler, which can later be soldered. From there the safe tumbler and combination will be changed. Likewise, if the safe has a keyed lock, then the lock can be picked or drilled and easily replaced.

Safe Manipulation

Safe manipulation takes some skill, as it entails discovering the safe combination through touch or sound. Many safe locks give a very discreet sound or physical resistance when the safe wheel is dialed a certain way. This is due to manufacturing differences. Intimate knowledge of the lock being manipulated – and a lot of patience and experience – is required in order to crack a safe using this method. Stethoscopes are often used to amplify the sounds the safe makes during this process, as is commonly shown in movies.

Scoping the Safe

Scoping a safe is another method which takes a lot of skill, patience, and experience, as it requires the drilling of a hole and insertion of an expensive specialized borescope to get a close look at a specific part of the security container. Scoping the safe is the most practical option for safes that have manipulation-proof mechanical locks or glass re-lockers as security measures.

“Scoping the change key hole,” as one method is referred to, requires a technician to drill a small hole and insert his scope into the hole so he can get a close look at the change key hole, as looking through the change key hole as the safe-dial is spinning allows the technician to observe certain landmarks on the combination wheel, enabling the technician to recover the combination and open the safe normally.

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