Keeping Track of Your House Keys is Part of Personal Security

In this day and age, modern technology has made it easier than ever to make copies of your house keys. Online locksmiths and cell phone apps enable you to have copies of your keys delivered to you with only the simple snap of the camera.

However, while making copies of your keys has never been easier, these new methods bring up questions of safety for homeowners. After all, if you can easily make copies of your keys using your cell phone camera, then what’s stopping other people from doing the same thing – and having complete access to your home?

There are a number of situations which warrant you to leave your keys out of your sight: valet services, oil changing businesses and full-service carwashes often require you handing your keys over to a stranger. The reality is, copies of your keys can be ordered online in a matter of seconds with the current technology available. How do you know that the carwash attendant isn’t making copies of your keys using cyber locksmith technology while you’re innocently waiting for your car?

Worse yet, what if you misplace your keys at work, leave them lying on your desk, or accidentally have them fall out of your purse? You can’t be sure that copies of your keys aren’t being made when they’re out of your sight – unless you take precautions to secure them in a safe place, preventing anyone with bad intentions from ever laying a hand – or eyes – on them.

It’s important that you treat your keys like any other object that you wouldn’t want anyone else to get their hands on, such as a credit card or your social security card number. All it takes is a couple clicks, photos being uploaded to a locksmith website, and a couple bucks, and someone else could have free access to your home.

When you’re out and about and your keys are not in use, make sure they are secured in a safe place where nobody can snag them, even for a couple seconds. If you normally store your keys in your purse, start securing them in a zippered pocket inside your purse where they won’t be seen.

If you normally leave your keys sitting on your desk at work, start locking them inside a desk drawer where they’ll be safe. Use a quick-release key ring when having your car serviced from now on, so the attendant will only be given the key to your car and not your entire key ring with the key to your home.

Although it’s easier than ever for people to make copies of your keys, the appropriate safety precautions can prevent it from happening. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you suspect that your house keys may have been compromised call SK Locksmith 832-777-7010 and we’ll come out and re-key your locks ensuring that you are secure.