Lost your car keys? A Houston Automotive Locksmith can help.

We never expect to lose our car keys, and it always seems to happen at the worst time. As a result, some people are unprepared when they can’t find their car keys. If you lost your car keys or can’t get to them, an automotive locksmith is your best bet. Read through the following situations to learn how an automotive locksmith could help you.

Locked Out

A mother and her baby are leaving the Houston Galleria. As the mother is putting the baby in his car seat, she sets the keys down on his lap, so she can worry about fitting the stroller into the trunk. After shutting the trunk, she tries to open her door to get in and discovers that it’s locked. To her surprise, her child is playing with the key fob. Now what?

An automotive locksmith can help. Many automotive locksmiths will drive to where you are, given that you’re a reasonable distance away, and can get you back in your car on the spot. Furthermore, if you’re in an emergency situation like this, many automotive locksmiths will expedite their services. SK Locksmith can dispatch a technician to almost any location in the Houston metro area within 15 to 20 minutes of your call. We offer 24/7, fully mobile emergency service.

Lost Keys Completely

New Car KeysYou are down on Caroline Street watching some live music at the House of Blues. After the show, you realize that you can’t find your keys anywhere.

You really can’t afford to have your car towed to the dealership or the cost of a new key fob and reprogramming that the dealership might try to sell you. Are you out of luck?

There is no reason to be hopeless, because an automotive locksmith can get you back on the road, without even having to tow the car to a different location. Additionally, an automotive locksmith can do this at the fraction of the cost that a dealership would charge.

Key Broke in the Ignition

You had a terrible day at work, so you’re in a bad mood. You get in your car, shove your keys in the ignition, and attempt to start your car, only to hear a snapping noise. Your key broke, and a piece of it is left in the ignition. Your day just got worse…

The good news is that an automotive locksmith can remove your broken key and make you replacement keys. You may just end up in a better mood after, since it will likely be easier and cheaper than you thought it would be.

Be Prepared!

Sk Locksmith can make replacement keys for nearly any vehicle, right on the spot. Call SK Locksmith to get a free quote! 832-777-7010