Secure your garage with these common sense tips

The garage is a great addition to your home, but it can be a major security risk if you are not taking the right safety precautions. Do you know where the emergency release lever is on your garage door? If you don’t you can place yourself at-risk for theft by leaving the door open.

Most home burglaries occur on the first floor of the home, and many are made by accessing the home through an open garage door, or a side door leading into the garage. Just about anyone can break into a garage with the right know-how. Keeping your home safe is one of your top priorities. Here are some tips you need to follow for adequate garage security.

Cover the Windows – While it can be nice to have sunlight stream into your garage, an open window is an invitation for criminals. People can easily see into the garage to know what possessions you have inside. Always cover the windows to keep people from seeing in. Make sure the windows are always locked as this can help to deter a criminal.

Lock the Doors – The side door of your garage needs to be locked to prevent a burglar from getting into your home. Use additional locks on the top or bottom of the door for extra security.

Lock Your Car – Leaving the car in a closed garage can seem safe, but it isn’t hard for burglars to get into the garage and steal belongings from the car. You need to remove your valuable items from the car, and always lock it to keep your home safe. Remove the garage door opener from your car, or hide it well to prevent people from breaking the window and using the clicker to open the garage.

Use a Wireless Keypad – A great way to get into your garage is by installing a wireless keypad. Change the garage security code often to prevent theft. The code makes it easy for your family members to get into the garage, and makes it harder for a criminal to guess the code.

Motion Lighting – Most thieves will run away if lights suddenly turn on when they are trying to break into a garage. Motion lighting is a great way to scare them away, and give your home some additional protection.