Today’s Modern Locksmiths Use High Tech Tools

The Keymaker

Gone are the days of strictly grinding new keys.

Today’s locksmith has come a long way since the early days of the profession when skeleton keys were painstakingly hand-duplicated using rudimentary tools. Modern locksmiths have a wealth of high-tech tools at their disposal, including advanced equipment and software that allows them to cut keys in seconds, even high-tech keys that operate the ignition of cars from BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes.

Key Cutting Equipment

One of the most revered equipment options for the modern day locksmith is high-tech cutting machines, including the 3D Pro Xtreme, which is used to cut high-security keys, and the HPC Extreme Blitz, which is used for cutting both regular and high-security keys.

The 3D Pro Xtreme, for example, is designed for use in mobile applications, so when a customer needs a key cut right away, our mobile service can be headed their way in no time, machine in hand to cut a key for them and get them on their way. This type of laser-cutting machine decodes keys, including those high-security keys that have internal cuts, so it can easily cut keys for high-end autos. This machine can be used to cut residential keys and standard automotive keys too.

The HPC Extreme Blitz offers even more features for the contemporary locksmith. This machine works via “code cards” that are inserted into the machine. These cards tell the machine how to cut the key needed. This makes the process of key cutting much less complicated, and is ideal for mobile locksmiths like SK Locksmith that work out of their van.

Special Software

Many modern locksmiths also use a PC software in combination with codes from the automotive manufacturers along with the VIN number for a particular vehicle in order to cut a custom replacement key. The same process is used for programming cars remote controls.

On some newer model vehicles, high-security guidelines require that the manufacturer flash the car’s computer, and this will pair it with a new key using the locksmith’s software. When this is the case, the locksmith must have flashing software, and many new generation locksmiths do.

With technology rapidly changing, keeping up with the evolving world of locksmithing trends is the only way that SK Locksmith can serve the needs of their clientele. From ECU flashing to proximity keys and remote-head keys, being able to provide keys and other unlocking services for high-end autos and newer generation residential and commercials locks is a vital part of building SK Locksmith’s customer base and developing a reputation as a Houston locksmith on the cutting edge of technology. Call SK Locksmith anytime at: 832-777-7010

Below is a short video that shows a little bit about how the 3D Xtreme cuts a high security key, in this case a Honda key.